Sunday, May 1, 2016

Worlds Simplest Energy Monitoring and Auditing Software

We are presenting worlds simplest fully configurable energy monitoring system

How it works?
 You simply connect your energy meters to computer using USB to RS485 Converter and Open Excel sheet which is our software no need of installation. And see the real time data logging. The excel file contains macros functions "ReadMeter(MeterID,FunctionCode,Address)" that reads the meter in real time and update at every 3 seconds can be configured as per requirements.


  • Easy to use
  • No need of programming skills
  • Uses Simple Excel so that you can customize data log as per your requirement
  • Real time display of readings
  • Reads any meter having RS485
  • Multiple brand meters can be read at a time
  • Maximum 30 Meters can be attached to single unit (Depends on your RS485 Converter Limit)
  • Uses only one command
  • Data logging can be configured for different times
  • Graph, Calculations and Other excel functions are readily available for further analysis

1. Things you need

  • USB/RS232 to RS485 Converter
  • Multi function Energy Meter with RS485 Interface
  • Computer/Laptop
2. How to connect ?
Simple connect all meter in parallel using RS485 2 pair cable.

RS485 Energy Meter Connections

3. Software
In this screen shot you can see the real time data is directly logged in excel file, actually I am logging Voltage Average Voltage and Frequency, pF, excel file is automatically saves after every data log, You can do anything its in directly MS Excel. No special software or separate software for data logging its just a macro enabled excel file.

4. Get It now

Demo file is fixed to COM4 port only, and max six data columns, do not forget to enable macro.