Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5V Power Supply Circuit

For the electronics enthusiast, having a 5 volt DC power supply around in your lab can be very useful. Many op amps, micro controllers, and other digital ICs  run off 5 volts (although most now take a range of 3-15 volts) . Here is how to build a very simple 5 volt DC power supply that can deliver up to 1.5A of current. You will need to solder together the various components.

This circuit can be used for 12V, 9V by replacing LM7805 with 7812 for 12V and 7809 for 9V.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram
 Step 2: Components Required
1. IC1:      LM7805
2. D1-D4: 1N4007
3. C1: 1000uF/25V
4. C2: 100uF/25V
5. LED: Red Color
6. 1KOhm Resistor 1/4 watt
7. PBT2 Connectors : Qty. 2

 Step 3: PCB Layout and Development
Download PCB Layout PDF 1:1 Scale

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