Monday, April 27, 2015

How to use FlashMagic for programming 89V51RD2 ?

1. Double-click on Flash Magic icon located at the desktop to launch the software.

2. The Figure 6 as shown below will be appearing.

The window is divided up into five sections. Work your way from section 1 to section 5 to
program a device using the most common functions. Each section is described in detail in
the following sections.
At the very bottom left of the window is an area where progress messages will be displayed
and at the very bottom right is where the progress bar is displayed. In between the
messages and the progress bar is a count of the number of times the currently selected hex file has been programmed since it was last modified or selected.

3. There are a few settings that need to be configured on the Flash Magic window before downloading
the hex file:
a) COM Port is the RS232 port located on the back of the computer. Set the
parameter according to which COM Port the RS232 cable is plugged into.

b) Baud Rate is used to set the rate of how fast each data bit is transferred. The
typical value for Baud Rate is 9600. If there is a massage popped up saying that
the Baud Rate is too high, then reduce the Baud Rate to 2400.

c) Device is the 8051 microcontroller target device. In our case, it should be assign
to 89LV51RD2.

d) Hex File indicates the location of the hex file to be programmed. C:\Program
Files\Osram\Pictiva\firmware\Reference Design.hex

e) Verify after programming option is not required but it is a way to verify whether
the programming process had been done successfully or not. Before clicking on
the start button for programming, the 8051 flash has to be erased by selecting
either Erase all Flash or Erase blocks used by Hex File if the address of that
specific block is known.

4. Press Start Button on Step 5

 5. Reset Device will appear as Figure 7a. Press Reset button present on the Controller board. Automatically it would download the hex file to the IC until finished as the Figure 7b.

After Successful finish press reset again to run the downloaded program

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