Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wireless AC Mains Detector Circuit

Wireless mains voltage detector, This circuit detects the presense of AC voltage in wire without physical contact. It is very useful to detect multicore wire fault detection, where you can detect exact location of the open circuit fault.

It consist of CD4033. CD4033 consists of a decade counter and 7 segment decoder. In this circuit we have kept clock input of CD4033 open. so it can pick any noise i.e. is generated by AC voltage and starts counting. The 7 segment display will start counting randamly when it detects AC supply. Circuit operates at 9V DC battery. 2.2K Ohm resistor is used for current limiting of 7 segment display.

Circuit Diagram of Wireless AC Mains Detector:
Wireless AC Mains Voltage Detector Circuit

PCB Layout of Wireless AC Mains Detector:

Download Required Files:

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