Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DIY Electronic Dice

We are living in a digital world, So why not to make a digital electronic dice for game. Here We are presenting a compact Electronic Dice with PCB design. You can break the PCB in two if you want to reduce the Dice size. It works on +5V.

Dice have 1 to 6 count. So we are using 7 LEDs that displays the patterns same as Dice. It consists of 7490 Counter IC and CD4093 NAND gate IC. Binary counter is configered to count a 3-bit value such that it can diplay Dice numbers in proper way. This counter is resets when it gets 7 count that will not be displayed. To reset the counter IC2A and IC2B two NAND gates are used in such a way that it makes AND gate and another reset comes from QA. When QA, QB, QC all three bits become High Counter gets reseted. To drive 4 LEDs we have used BC548 transistor.

We need the pulses that are generated at very high frequecy. When Switch S1 is pressed these puses are fed to counter, we can not predict how many pulses fed to counter so we can't predict the what nuber is going to displayed on the dice. Clock pulses are generated using NAND gate oscillator is formed using R9 and C1. For more details on how to make oscillator using NOT gate ? Click here.

Step 1: Circuit and PCB Development

Electronic Dice Circuit Diagram
PCB Layout of electronic Dice
Electronic Dice PCB Layout

Step 2: Download Required Files

Step 3: Test the circuit
Electronic Dice Circuit Diagram

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