Wednesday, July 1, 2015

LED Chaser Circuit

LED chaser or Rolling LEDs are widely used in decoration purpose, We are presenting a simple LED chaser using CD4017 and CD40106. 

Lets see how the LED chaser circuit works ?
CD4017 is Decade counter. Its output is connected to LEDs through current limiting resistors, This circuit can operate on +9V battery. CD40106 is hex inverter. We have build oscillator using CD40106 NOT gate (inverter) to generate clock pulses for counter. You can adjust the LED rolling speed by changing R11 value or chainging C1 capacitor value.

Step 1: Major Components Required
1. CD4017  Qty. 1
2. CD40106   Qty. 1
3. 2.2K Resistors Qty. 11
4. 4.7uF and 4.7KOhm for Clock Circuit
5. +9V Battery

Step 2: PCB Development of LED Chaser Circuit

Step 3: Download Required Files for Development

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