Microcontroller Projects

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Arduino Projects
Microcontroller Projects
Mini Projects
ARM 7 Projects
Arduino Projects
IOT based Home automation
Text to Speech
Web Server
Low cost continuous pricision liquid level measurement using arduino
Weather Station
Bluetooth based Home automation
Flow Meter with Serial Data logging and Real Time Display
pH Measurement
GSM Based Home Security System With SMS Alert
Vehicle anti-theft system using GSM modem and vibration sensor
Low cost long range Wireless Serial using nRF24L01+

AVR Microcontroller Projects
Finger Print based security system
Bluetooth Based Home Automation
Temperature Controller
Password based access system
Nokia 3530 LCD Based Digital Storage Oscilloscope with Frequency meter, voltmeter
GSM based patient Monitoring system with SMS Alert and Real time data-logging on PC
GSM Based Fire alarm system with SMS Alert
Smart Home automation system using GSM Modem
Black box for bike cum vehicle tracking and accident alert system
ATmega8 based Token Number Display System
Simplest 0 to 10MHz Frequency Meter
Digital Thermometer Using AT89C2051

Wireless RF Remote control for Robot

Mini Projects
Dusk to Dawn Switch
Bar graph temperature indicator
4.2V Li-Ion Battery Charger with charge indication
ICL7107 100V DC Voltmeter
CMOS Oscillator Design
Digital Object Counter
ICL7107, LM35 Digital Temperature Indicator
ICL7107 Digital Ammeter
DIY Electronic Dice
DIY LED Chaser Circuit
DIY 1Amps Dual Adjustable Lab Power supply
DIY 3Amps 0-35V Adjustable DC-DC Power Supply
DIY Auto-ranging Digital Voltmeter using ICL7107
Automatic headlight upper dipper controller
Dark Activated Relay Circuit
Dark Activated Lamp Circuit

ARM 7 Projects
LPC2148 based water quality measurement and data logging system
LPC2138 based TV Oscilloscope

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